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The enterprise culture is the soul of company Jinri corporation culture is the summation of the values, management thought, group consciousness and behavior normative formulated in the long-term developme时,production and operation process, is guideline of leading employees unity and progressive. Solidarity, innovation is the core of enterprise culture. Unity is the power and the fundamental guarantee of the job. Struggle is spirit of diligence, devotion and progressive, is move ahead in defiance of difficulties. Realistic is seeking truth from facts, grounded, completes each work, from research and development, manufacturing, engineering commissioning to customer service, and each link, each procedure is conscientious and meticulous,

excellence, serious and responsible. Innovation is the fundamental, is the company survival and development motive, is the source of core competence in. We always insist on the innovation of system management, technical development, marketing, capital operation, rewards and incentive. People-oriented is the quintessence of enterprise culture. Talent is the subject, the primary wealth the most imp。antresources of the enterprise and also directly generated the economic benefits of the enterprise. JinRi provide the career advancement opportunities, considerable environment, better incentive and efficient mechanism, to retain the talent.



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